Welcome Back

If you are following my previous blog, then I welcome you back to my new blog look. You will notice that all my old post has alraeady gone. Not to worry, you still can stalk back at girllyen.blogspot.com. This year it has to be a new start of my stories. It will be less in Photography but more into the journey of my Career and Beauty? How cool is that? LOL! It’s just me sharing the excitement of my working environment and in the same time doing the new fun things to do in my life. Specifically I called it — Passion. I am ready to accept positive & negative feedback through this journey, well there are no such thing as Perfect in life right? So let’s have fun and live on. It’s the year of Covid-19 pandemic, but I’m going to live to the fullest. Wash of hands all the time, keep social distancing and stop spreading fake news to the world. Let’s practice proper hygiene issues and keep some peace in mind too.


2020 Is The Best Year To Restart

In 1991, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad which is our seventh introduced Vision 2020. The vision calls for the nation to achieve a self-sufficient industrialised nation by the year 2020, encompasses all aspects of life, from economic prosperity, social well-being, educational world class, political stability, as well as psychological balance. There were a few of vision drawn by the society visualizing Malaysian in the year 2020. Modern gigantic high end building, flying cars and more. Unfortunately, I could say that the vision 2020 is a failure. Racism is still a big issue in Malaysia. Especially west Malaysian. Most. Not all.

Despite of perfecting the country, why don’t we start to show some care to our surrounding by starting loving ourselves first? Sit down and think back what have we contribute to our family and to the rest of the world? 2019 has given me a lot of headaches and mistakes that I could not rewind and delete the scene. However, I stood up and learn from all the experiences that I have. Be bold and beautiful. Inside and out. Therefore, I’m clearing my old posts and restart a new life in 2020.

I hope it’s not too late to wish you all a happy new year 2020 and may this year bring more good fortune and peace in life. Happy reading.