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Chuckles For You :D

It has been so very long time I didn’t update my precious blog. *chuckles* Well, despite of being busy and doing report and photography, I actually did enjoy my last Christmas and very grateful to have such a loving family and my fiancée with…

Knock You Down

I might fall in love with Ne-Yo, but when I listen to this song, I can’t stop playing it. Keri Hilson ft. Ne Yo and Kanye – Knock You Down Heh, not againOhh, this ain’t supposed to happen to me Keep rockin’, and keep…

Reveal the box content now..

It seems that no one pass the How sharp are you? What’s inside? test, but Isa nearly there. So no kopi tenom but I will tell you what’s inside. To those who act do not care, unCool and not enjoyed the fun, go away….

How sharp are you? Guess what’s inside?

I have received my parcel today, guess what’s inside? 🙂 Hint: Something technical, not new.

Holy Friday

* Plan to go for way of the cross – Failed due to lateness of wake myself up* Attended the celebration of the passion of the Lord at 3pm at St. Petrus Chapel, kg. Tampulan, Telipok, my own kampung * Fasting – no meat,…

Vote For Sipadan

I have done my part, how about you? 😉 Simply click on the widget on the right hand of your screen. 😉

DE-STRESS before it’s too late

Leaving the office before 6pm is not my routine activity. I always stay in the office up to 7pm without claiming any overtime. Work as what I am now is quite stressed up. Especially when you have to force yourself on deadlines which all…