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How to write your photo essay?

I saw Leanna Chong’s status today as she mention that Photo Essay is not that easy. Indeed yes. Capturing a photo is not easy as you creating a story. When you want to be a photographer, it is important for you to know the…

Stop scamming please..

Yes betul bro! infact just last month I got a call from M..Soft informing that I got US5768.10! Bonus 5 bulan Petronas kasi tak main la brother… You all should really try. ——————————————————————————– Dear Friends, Please do not take this for a junk letter….

I say NO

Teaching Maths and Science in Malay.. Again? Did we learn the incident? Raise your voice through now and let the government hear what the people want.

The day King of Pop died..

There comes a time..When we heed a certain call..When the world must come together as one..There are people dying..And it’s time to lend a hand to life..The greatest gift of all… This song keep playing and tearing me apart.. How could Micheal Jackson died…

Wedding & Kaamatan

Everywhere I go, I see small signboards, wedding this, kahwin that, and some are plain, some are decorated with colorful ribbon. Beside that, I saw signboard shows ‘SLOW DOWN’ while I was driving 140km/h. Alright, that’s not good. In our life, we should have…

Is Bangkok safe?

Hurmm.. i wonder, is Bangkok safe enough to travel? Can anyone share their experience please?

Time is limited!

Sigh.. How am I going to finish watching all the movies here. My photos. Urgh. I need a break.