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When I Fall In Love

I miss you blue and green. I love highland and I really love Mesilau. The cold and freshness air I could breath. I love you Ranau! (Nasib bukan kampung sya – beruntung lah siapa orang Ranau) p/s: Yang hujung tu.. memang tu.. pengsan~

International Climbathon 2009

Known as the toughest mountain race in the world.. This year, I might join for this event, now as a runner, but supporter and capture some moment on the hill~ yes! I love high heels, I mean, go to high hills or mountain. I…

I missed traveling~

Rindu laa mau naik plane.. huhu… Missing travelling.. I’m thinking of going out Sabah before end of year, but going alone might sound selfish to my other half and my family too.. What a waste.. I hope I have longer life~

Camping at Melohom Bay

A short preview during our outing last weekend 😉 Location: Melohom Bay, Gaya Island.Date: 27-28 June 2009Activity: Not so survivor camping with the O2C members.

Can’t Get Enough of Singapore

I love Singapore as much as I love gadgets! Singapore is way modern than Malaysia. I heard some of the Singaporean teenagers says “I’m proud to be a Singaporean” and how I wish I could say the same too. Nevertheless, I would say ‘I’m…

My First Singapore Visit

I know it’s kinda outdated, but my BFF ask me, where is my Singapore story? Maybe I’m just too excited up to the point I forgot to share what happen during my runaway day to Singapore for 3 days and 2 night only. Actually…

8th March 2009 – Sirung Sumandak

This few days, I had a huge thinking session with myself. What I like actually? What type of person actually I am? And, how often I enjoy my life rather than doing something I prefer not to do? I left all the devil and…