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Slow as Snail

I’m so Slow.. seriously.. I’m Miss Snail I’m So Slow But I have patient and beautiful texture. I feel sorry for the massive jam throughout Malaysia today – 9 July 2011.

Shine On Me

Landscape Landscape Landscape!! Yes, I need to furnish my landscape capture skill back. Taken near Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran I’m so high – Taken near Puncak Damai Restaurant, Penampang What do u see? – Taken near Navy base Sepangar

Wake up human

Did I ever post any *** here? I mean.. a 3 star movie? No right? WEll, i will never post it. I just want to show something which I found in my memory card earlier. I think this photo is quite sharp and I…

Save our nature

I have been searching for a good spot for landscape photography and what I see only rubbish. We should aware about this and help our nature and keep the photographer took better landscape. 😦 I can’t take clean photo anymore… Make your start today…

Love our nature..

I’m clearing up my emails today and found some old email where I neglected and found some information that I felt it is good if I share here.. even I’m not very concern at the first place, but it is useful for all of…